Confident After CoolSculpting*

Procedure Details

This 57 year old African-American mother of 1 presented with stubborn belly fat and a hanging "pouch" that she could not diet or exercise away. She developed this after having a child many years before. The hanging pannus/ lower belly "pouch" concerned her most. She wanted a non-invasive treatment to improve this problem area. CoolSculpting to this area was recommended with the understanding that she may have some redundant loose skin after CoolSculpting because of her skin elasticity. Several months later after just 1 CoolSculpting treatment session she was very pleased! The abdominal roundness had been greatly reduced. After follow-up, another session of CoolSculpting was recommended to give her the ideal outcome. However, she is very pleased with the outcome as it is and is considering CoolSculpting for other areas of concern.


Owing Mills Office

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