Breast Augmentation on 37 Year Old Mother of Two Children

Procedure Details


Mommy Makeover and Implants

Most Mommy Makeovers include an abdominoplasty(tummy tuck) and a breast rejuvenating procedure in an effort to restore the body as close to or better than it was prior to having children. Breast Augmentation is often the breast procedure chosen by women who either started out with small breasts or lost breast volume as a result of pregnancy and lactation. This procedure can be combined with a Mastopexy(breast lift) if there is the need to correct breast ptosis(sagging) as well. This was not necessary in this particular patient.

Smooth silicone implants are an excellent choice for breast augmentation procedures in patients at least 22 years of age. These types of implants come in a multitude of sizes and shapes as well as varying levels of gel cohesiveness which is the firmness of the gel. The more cohesive the gel, the more breast projection can be obtained with less ripples or wrinkling of the implant.



Northwest Hospital Center

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