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What Is Silhouette InstaLift?

Often called a lunchtime lift because it can produce drastic results in under an hour, Silhouette InstaLift is a one-of-a-kind suspension suture that provides immediate volume and facial rejuvenation without the need for plastic surgery. Dr. Janet P. Woodyard is a Baltimore, MD plastic surgeon who offers InstaLift to men and women who desire mid-facial lifting with the added benefit of gradually boosted collagen production for lasting, natural-looking results. During the minimally invasive, in-office procedure, Dr. Woodyard will lift the mid-face for an immediate lift that amplifies your appearance while still looking natural. Schedule your consultation at Janet P. Woodyard Plastic Surgery to learn more.

What Are the Benefits of InstaLift?

If you want to look more youthful and energized but aren't ready to commit to surgery, Silhouette InstaLift may be a great minimally invasive alternative. A key benefit lies in its ability to lift tissues while also enhancing volume through the stimulation of collagen production. This innovative approach to anti-aging treatments can deliver additional benefits for our Baltimore, MD patients, including:

  • Collagen growth to create glowing results that will last
  • Results that are longer-lasting than alternate nonsurgical anti-aging options, such as filler injections
  • A more confident, youthful appearance
  • Nonsurgical treatment that yields transformative results

How Is An InstaLift Performed?

Your procedure could be complete in as little as 45 minutes. Dr. Woodyard will begin your appointment with a brief assessment of your medical history and a discussion about your aesthetic goals. Next, a marking pen will be used to explain where the entry points will be located. A local anesthetic will be injected into the subcutaneous tissue around the mid-face to reduce any potential discomfort. Finally, Dr. Woodyard will insert the sutures and manipulate the skin to achieve the lift and volume desired. The number of sutures used depends on the extent of your aesthetic goals. Once the desired lift and volume has been achieved, the ends of the sutures will be trimmed off.

What to Expect After an InstaLift

After your procedure is complete, you could experience very minimal discomfort and minor swelling and bruising. Immediate results will be achieved due to the bi-directional cones that allow the suture to remain in an elevated position. The collagen production will be gradual but allows for continued results that restore the contours of the face. Dr. Woodyard will provide you with post-treatment instructions, as well as aftercare directions so that you can ensure your results are protected. 

InstaLift FAQs

How much does Silhouette InstaLift cost?
The cost of your procedure will vary according to the number of sutures needed to achieve your desired result. During your consultation, Dr. Woodyard will ask about your concerns and aesthetic goals before creating a customized treatment plan that will work for you. After this has been created, we will discuss treatment costs and payment options. 

Am I a candidate?
InstaLift is an ideal option for men and women who desire a more youthful appearance without the expense of surgery or the inconvenience of quarterly injectable sessions. 

Can I combine InstaLift with other treatments?
For even more dramatic results, InstaLift can easily be combined with injectable wrinkle fillers or relaxers. If you are considering plumping your lips or cheeks or would like even more dramatic results, ask Dr. Woodyard about adding injectables to your treatment plan.

Will I look natural after InstaLift?
One of the most prominent benefits of InstaLift is the fast, natural outcomes it produces. Because the procedure does not involve the removal and surgical lifting of skin (such as with a facelift), the results are more subtle and natural but equally stunning. 

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