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What is Redensity?

Redensity filler injections are often utilized to replace lost facial volume. The face can lose volume for a number of reasons, but age and significant weight loss are commonly to blame. This treatment works by injecting the filler beneath the skin to fill in the areas that appear sunken or hollow. Redensity fillers are a great, nonsurgical option for Baltimore, MD individuals desiring to even out wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin in order to create a younger-looking face. Dermal fillers can also be incorporated into other cosmetic treatments to provide the benefits of a facelift without the need for surgery, the risk of scarring, and the required recovery that follows. This filler line is medical grade and approved by the FDA to be used on superficial and dermal injections. To find out which injectable fillers are recommended for you, we invite you to visit Dr. Woodyard Plastic Surgery, where Dr. Janet Woodyard can help you decide if Redensity is right for you.

How does Redensity work?

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Woodyard will meet with you to gain insight into your cosmetic goals and determine if Redensity is the correct filler choice for your goals. To begin the actual procedure, Dr. Woodyard will apply numbing cream as an anesthetic to ease the discomfort of the injection. Dr. Woodyard will use her experience to determine how much is appropriate and will gradually and evenly inject it via a very fine needle. Keeping the desired result in mind, either a portion or an entire syringe could be used during the procedure.

Say goodbye to wrinkles

If Father Time is taking a toll on your facial appearance, but you do not have the time to seek a surgical facelift, then Redensity injections in Baltimore, MD might be the answer you seek. This filler can uncover younger-looking, voluminous skin without the risk of scarring or long recoveries afterward. To learn more about fillers or to book a consultation, contact Dr. Woodyard Plastic Surgery today to step toward a more voluminous appearance.

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