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Finding the best plastic surgeon to attain the aesthetic results you desire may seem overwhelming. Baltimore area patients who are ready to move forward with a cosmetic procedure oftentimes find it helpful to read the patient reviews and success stories from others who have been through the process. Rated among the "Best of Baltimore" and as a "Top Doc", plastic surgeon, Dr. Janet Woodyard, is proud to share these experiences as you work through this very important discovery phase. These reviews show why many Baltimore area individuals consider Dr. Woodyard to be the best plastic surgeon—one that provides gorgeous results and an exceptional patient experience time and time again.

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Review from T.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  May 31, 2016

Want Breast Surgery???!.... Janet Woodyard is THE BEST!!! - Owings Mills, MD - After feeling self conscious about my undersized chest for years and breastfeeding two, I decided, "That's it, I'm doing something about this now!" I spent every evening for a week looking at reviews, websites and blogs. After deciding to move forward the next thing I had to do was pick my surgeon. For me this was a very personal, private decision, one I didn't feel comfortable discussing with just anyone. For me, having a male surgeon was not an option. Why would I want to go to any man for breast advice, let alone be undressed in front of him- no way! So onto the women I searched!When I found Dr. Woodyard I thought I'd give her a try and go to a consult, why not... I had nothing to lose! From the moment I walked through the door I had a good feeling. I went from being very nervous to at ease immediately! The office staff were amazing! Brittany and Stacey were so welcoming! I immediately felt like I was in a safe zone and actually wanted to talk about surgery, what I felt needed corrected, my insecurities etc! These girls didn't even ask me any questions... They were just at the front desk! I just felt like they were old friends and we were girl talking! This was not what I expected! I was imagining some sterile, serious sort of intimidating place! Can I just say, I loved it there!!!Ashley took me back before Dr. Woodyard came in. She was great! She was so friendly, helpful and made me feel right at home! Then Dr. Woodyard came in... I knew RIGHT away I had found my surgeon! She was friendly professional, and really listened to what I said. She never made me feel like her opinion was more important than mine. She looked me over (I wasn't even embarrassed!) and sat on the bench and gave me every possible fact, pro, con etc. Every website I read said to bring a list of questions with me so that I had every question answered, I was ready with plenty of them. At the end of her going over everything she asked me if I had any questions... I HAD NOTHING! She had answered every single thing I ever read, or could think of! This lady was good! She spent so much time with me! That's was it for me, I made my decision and scheduled that day! There was no turning back! I went for my pre-op appt. I brought pictures of what I wanted to look like (if my anatomy would allow). Dr. Woodyard looked over them, told me how she believed I could best achieve that look and listened to me. She never said "I think you should...." I really appreciated knowing that when I went under the knife and was asleep she was clear on what I wanted. I trusted her! At the end of the day my surgery was about her knowledge and experience, but even bigger about trust. I found someone I trusted with my own body, that was HUGE for me!!! On the day of my surgery she came in and measured etc. I even showed her my favorite picture again. :) Dr Woodyard has a very calm, warm, confident way about her. I had full confidence in this woman, and was eager to see what she could do! When I went back to the operating room, I have to admit it I was nervous, there was no turning back now! Seeing Dr. Woodyard in the operating room was very reassuring, she is totally in her element and you can tell she loves her job! There was even classical music playing!After surgery she went out and talked to my husband, he was amazed at how informative she was and he told me later "Dr. Woodyard was very clear on what you wanted and tried to do everything possible to give you the results you requested. She really cares!"My results are EXACTLY what I was hoping for (secretly my expectations were way lower than my results... I've seen a lot of scary Frankenstein looking, boob jobs online with other surgeons) Dr. Woodyard did an amazing job! I am forever grateful! Something that was a huge insecurity in my life has now turned to confidence! I would highly suggest Dr. Woodyard and her staff to everyone! And yes, I would do this a hundred times over and not change one single thing! Dr. Woodyard, Ashley, Brittany, and Stacey, thank you all! You have given more than you know! You all made this process seamless and fun! I am forever grateful!!! More

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